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Five Stars review for You and Me - the Brighton Fringe

"You And Me is a snapshot of the life shared by two elderly sisters. The text is a modern absurdist masterpiece which constantly trips up the audience and subverts their expectations.
The Nightingale provided the perfect venue for their rich set of boxes and bric-a-brac. Bryony Shanahan’s direction was seamless, not a moment dropped in the intense cyclical conversation which bounced from death to a celebration of laziness and back to death touching on everything in between.
Shanahan has excelled in creating the tenderly observed relationship between the sisters; tense and funny, bouncing the audience in between mood swings.
Patricia Rodriguez and Mercè Ribot gave astounding physical performances, switching from youthful flights of fantasy instantly back into their old women masks. The energy and commitment to the role from both actresses never faltered – stellar performances, the best of the Fringe so far. Fantastic timing and tension.
The use of music was superb – almost always surprising – the characters were often brought back together through the sharing of Spanish songs. There was also a brave use of silence at the beginning of the piece.
You and Me was an entertaining and thoroughly unique piece of theatre."
(by Jessica Cheetham, The Argus )

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